Perform a Testnet Cycle

This tutorial takes you through the process of performing a cycle using the CLI (without mobile app) on our testnet Gesell. If you'd like to test the same using the app, please see Perform a cycle meetup (with app). This tutorial can be performed as a a single person, as we will use bot accounts. The tutorial will take an entire cycle, ~30min on Gesell.

We assume you already have

Throughout this tutorial, we will use the Adriana community with cid srcq45PYNyD. Among its bootstrappers, we will work with 3 accounts: 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw, 5FyWbcwN1TGPdyzRzoEeem3MUcc7jXRs7ZoftZkAQLV47nS7, 5CMVLJCC4Jn7QmLsFRkLWkm2w4LJswpZo1V2nd1tp64iVnCR

Your cid and bootstrapper accounts will differ.

Import Test Accounts

In order to give the CLI access to your test bootstrapper accounts, please import them into the local keystore (unencrypted! don't use in production). If this is the first cycle for your community, you can only use bootstrapper accounts.

nctr-gsl new-account "<mnemonic 12 words>”
nctr-gsl list-accounts

Register Participants

Registering participants can only happen during Registering phase. You may have to wait max 20 min for the next Registering phase on Gesell.

nctr-gsl get-phase

nctr-gsl register-participant 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw --cid srcq45PYNyD
nctr-gsl register-participant 5FyWbcwN1TGPdyzRzoEeem3MUcc7jXRs7ZoftZkAQLV47nS7 --cid srcq45PYNyD
nctr-gsl register-participant 5CMVLJCC4Jn7QmLsFRkLWkm2w4LJswpZo1V2nd1tp64iVnCR --cid srcq45PYNyD
nctr-gsl list-participants --cid srcq45PYNyD

The last command should confirm your 3 accounts have been registered. As the testnet is public and participation is unpermissioned, it could happen that someone else has registered as well.

Check Assignments

As soon as the phase changed to Assigning, you can verify that your accounts have been assigned:

nctr-gsl list-meetups --cid srcq45PYNyD

Perform Cycle Gathering

As soon as the phase changed to Attesting, we can move on. This is the moment where we pretend to be 3 different people who gather at the right time in the right location as assigned by the protocol and attest each others' personhood.

nctr-gsl attest-attendees 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw 5FyWbcwN1TGPdyzRzoEeem3MUcc7jXRs7ZoftZkAQLV47nS7 5CMVLJCC4Jn7QmLsFRkLWkm2w4LJswpZo1V2nd1tp64iVnCR --cid srcq45PYNyD
nctr-gsl attest-attendees 5FyWbcwN1TGPdyzRzoEeem3MUcc7jXRs7ZoftZkAQLV47nS7 5CMVLJCC4Jn7QmLsFRkLWkm2w4LJswpZo1V2nd1tp64iVnCR 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw --cid srcq45PYNyD
nctr-gsl attest-attendees 5CMVLJCC4Jn7QmLsFRkLWkm2w4LJswpZo1V2nd1tp64iVnCR 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw 5FyWbcwN1TGPdyzRzoEeem3MUcc7jXRs7ZoftZkAQLV47nS7 --cid srcq45PYNyD
# verify attestations after next block
nctr-gsl list-attestees --cid srcq45PYNyD

Claim Rewards

If the majority of assigned participants submitted attestations, you can already claim during Attesting phase, right after the gathering happened. Should only a minority have attended, you need to wait for the next Registering phase before you can claim.

Any participant assigned to the same gathering can trigger reqrd issuance for all attestees

nctr-gsl claim-reward --signer 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw --cid srcq45PYNyD

Has the community income been issued?

nctr-gsl balance 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw  --cid srcq45PYNyD

Verify reputation

nctr-gsl reputation 5F77sGnUhpjdFnzruhurGZgqPFtvdECXTGgX4Bgy2zGavbEw

This command will list one row per cycle attendance with a few details which are out of scope here.

Next Steps

Beyond getting income, reputation can now be used to