Encointer Wallet App

The Encointer app is all that users need to participate in a local community. It serves as a wallet and lets you participate in Encointer ceremonies.



Google Play Store



coming soon


Feature phone support planned in the future


Watch our ceremony video to learn what you can do with our app.

Currently, the app supports Gesell. In order to perform a physical meetup with other people, you should:

  1. Install the Encointer Wallet app and create a new account. Do this on at least three phones and collect account addresses.
  2. On the Wallet tab, tap the faucet symbol and we'll send you some gas tokens (ERT)
  3. Register your new local currency along our tutorial. Use the newly created accounts as bootstrappers
  4. Wait for the REGISTERING phase and register your accounts in the app on the ceremonies tab
  5. Wait for the ASSIGNING phase and observe how the app tells you when to be where for the meetup (Meetup time will always be incorrect for Testnet Gesell and can be ignored)
  6. Wait for ATTESTING. Now you'll have 10min to perform a meetup with all registered phones.
  7. Wait for REGISTERING phase. Check that you have been issued a universal basic income on the Wallet tab. You can send these funds to others now.


Encointer Wallet is based on polkawallet.io