Acceptance Point Setup

In order to accept Encointer community currency (CC) at an outlet, the vendor may set up an account like anyone else. No approval is necessary, anyone can start accepting CC in a matter of minutes.


Make sure you backup your account

collect-only setup

Once you have created your store account, it is possible to set up the app as a receiving payment terminal only, such that employees can only collect payments but not transfer funds. If this is what you want, do the following steps on a new device:

  1. Set up at least one default account
  2. Profile -> enable developer mode
  3. Address Book -> (+) add contact
  4. Enter the public address of your store account, like 5EkhjbRksfjG3GjCTveDicmSy2q87eTpNu6fKN8VDAYsKBvk
  5. enter the name of your store, i.e. SuperLocalStore
  6. tick the observation checkbox
  7. save
  8. Profile -> disable developer Mode
  9. Home -> tap logo to select account SuperLocalStore (Observation)
  10. You should now see your store's balance
  11. tap receive and enter amount
  12. your client can now scan the QR code and send funds

QR code for self-service checkout

You can prepare and print QR codes for display. This is useful for self-checkout scenarios where your customers scan and pay without interaction by your personel. Such QR codes act like an unpersonalized invoice, either with a fixed amount or with an undefined amount

The format for QR code payload is:


So, If we have a fixed-price product for 5.0 Leu, we can print a QR code with the following payload:

Encointer Association

Store the above content in payload.txt

On Linux, we can create a QR code using qrencode.

Caveat: with the current version we need to make sure there's no newline at the end of the last line. So we just truncate the last byte of the file in the following example command

head -c -1 payload.txt | qrencode -o test.png

Alternatively, you can use web services that help you generate a QR code, like this one (select "Text" mode and make sure there's no line at the end)

Now, you can insert test.png into a design of your choice. For Leu we use this pdf form