Gesell local setup

Note: You can find more detailed instructions on how to build and run the node and cli client on the encointer-node repository.

Build node

Clone the encointer-node repository and cd into it:

git clone
cd encointer-node

Install Rust:

curl -sSf | sh

Build the node:

cargo build --release

Launch Gesell node

Run dev node locally

./target/release/encointer-node-notee --dev --tmp --enable-offchain-indexing true --rpc-methods unsafe

--dev sets up a developer node chain specification
--tmp saves all active data for the node (keys, blockchain database, networking info, ...) and is deleted as soon as you properly terminate your node.
--offchain-indexing is needed for the custom rpc call communities_getAll
--rpc-methods unsafe is needed for the bazaar's business and offering aggregation rpcs.
The node is by default listening on port 9944, but you can add the option --ws-port xxxx to configure the node to listen to port xxxx.

CLI Client

After the node is running, try out the client (from the root folder of the encointer-node repository):

./target/release/encointer-client-notee -h

This should output all possible client commands.

If you want to use the client to communicate with the remote chain, add the chain url and specify the port. The following command will get the current phase from the remote chain.

./target/release/encointer-client-notee -u wss:// -p 443 get-phase