Gesell local dockerized benchmark

Follow the instruction on docker-tutorial to get the docker image and required yml files.

Launch local docker environment with Gesell node and comminities

After the docker-compose file is set-up, you can start the docker containers with

docker-compose up -d

This will start a gesell node, 3 bot communities that will grow, a faucet script to ensure funds for transactions and a phase shifting script that changes every 10 blocks to the next phase (REGISTERING, ASSIGNING, ATTESTING).

Watch communities grow on explorer

Open up in your browser and configure the node to be your dockerized gesell node with the predefined port.
Alternatively, you can also start your local explorer as shown in the explorer section.

Watch performance metrics (prometheus/grafana)

According to the docker-tutorial, grafana and prometheus should be set-up. Now, visit localhost:3000 and view the preformance metrics in your dashboard.