Basic CLI usage

The Encointer CLI is a low-level tool to interact with an Encointer chain. It allows to query state and to send extrinsics.


We suggest you run the following in an Ubuntu 20.04 environment

Download the CLI for our latest release:

chmod +x encointer-client-notee

# Testnet Gesell node endpoint
alias nctr-gsl="./encointer-client-notee -u $NURL -p $NPORT"

# Testnet Lietaer (on Rococo) node endpoint
alias nctr-r="./encointer-client-notee -u $NURL -p $NPORT"

# Encointer Mainnet (on Kusama) endpoint
alias nctr-k="./encointer-client-notee -u $NURL -p $NPORT"

# local dev node
alias nctr-dev="./encointer-client-notee"

In the following, we will show usage with testnet Gesell, using our alias nctr-gsl. But You can use any of the aliases above to interact with the other chains in the same way (caveat: deployed versions of the CLI API can vary)

Get Ceremony Phase

nctr-gsl get-phase

This will return any of

  • Registering: you can register participants, communities, locations
  • Assigning: ceremony meetup assignments can be queried
  • Attesting: ceremony meetups can be performed

List Communities

nctr-gsl list-communities

will yield something like

number of communities:  5
e5dvt5mjcem: bot-tugs locations: 9
u0qj94fxxJ6: EdisonPaula locations: 3
srcq45PYNyD: Adriana locations: 5
u33e0719fDB: Decoded Berlin locations: 3
69y7j4ZEXmy: Decoded Buenos Aires locations: 8

Each community is shown with

  • its community identifier (cid) which is a 11-character string
  • its Name, given by community lead
  • its number of ceremony meetup locations

You can also explore communities for our different networks using our explorer

Manage Account Keystore

The CLI offers very basic wallet functionality, managing a keystore in a local subfolder my_keystore where account secrets are stored in plaintext. Do not use in production!

Create a New Account

nctr-gsl new-account

The printed result will be your new account address

List Accounts in Keystore

nctr-gsl list-accounts

Query Account Balances

nctr-gsl balance 5CSLXnYZQeVDvNmanYEJn4YXXhgFLKYwp2f216NsDehR8mVU

you can add a cid to query the balance for a specific community

nctr-gsl balance 5ChwkE8kd2qagyiCikP2Ns2T6vWh7dbURx54gXcPKw8NotNp --cid srcq45PYNyD

or get all balances (first, the native token balance, then all community balances)

nctr-gsl balance 5ChwkE8kd2qagyiCikP2Ns2T6vWh7dbURx54gXcPKw8NotNp --all


Testnet Gesell features a faucet, so you can pre-fund your new account

nctr-gsl faucet <Account>