Select Community

This section shows you how to select a community on a specific network.

Select Network

By default, the Encointer Wallet App connects to mainnet on Kusama. This is fine for most users and you likely can skip this section. In order to test on our Testnets, you'll need to configure the app to use another network endpoint.

  1. Enable developer mode: Profile -> tick developer mode checkbox
  2. Tap "Change Network: nctr-k"
  3. In the left column, tap the desired network:
  • NCTR-GSL: Testnet Gesell
  • NCTR-R: Testnet Lietaer on Rococo
  • NCTR-K: Mainnet on Kusama
  • NCTR-GSL-DEV: Local solochain using ws:// for an emulator setup
  1. Tap on one of your account names (not the identicon)
  2. Wait until you see a green tick besides (current: nctr-gsl) on the profile page
  3. Disable developer mode

Select Community

Once your app is connected to the right network where you registered your new community, you can now switch the app to your community:

  1. On the top of the home screen, tap the community symbol with your account identicon
  2. Switch Community -> (+) Add community
  3. On the world map, browse for your community and tap the pin
  4. tap again the popped-up name of your community