Perfrom a Ceremony Meetup

Assuming you have previously

  1. installed the Encointer Wallet app
  2. selected you community
  3. Registered for the current ceremony
  4. You have been assigned to a meetup
  5. You are now physically on time in the right location together with a few fellow ceremony attendees


The meetup starts with tapping the button "start meetup" on the Encointer Wallet app home screen. As a first human confirmation, you'll have to vote on how many attendees are present, including yourself.

Once everyone has voted, no further attendees can join. If the group decides to include a latecomer, the entire meetup has to be started from the beginning.

Attesting Personhood

After voting on the number of attendees, your app shows a QR code which is your claim of attendance which has to be signed by everyone else to prove your personhood and attendance.


The following procedure is just a suggestion, but has shown to cause minimal duration and confusion.

  1. The group of attendees forms a C-shape and everyone holds the phone upright with the QR code screen facing to the center to minimize reflections from the sky or the sun
  2. The person at one end of the C shape starts scanning on after the other and when finished, waits at the other end of the C-shape showing her QR code.
  3. As soon as the scanning person has successfully scanned the first two attendees, the next outermost attendee can start scanning, but should not overtake the previous scanner
  4. as soon as everyone has scanned everyone (i.e. scanned 8/8 if the vote was 9 attendees), the meetup can be closed

Closing the meetup should only be done after confirming that all attendees have scanned everyone. After closing the meetup, the app suggests to submit attestations. If you are online, you can directly submit the attestations and ensure you get notified of success. Should you not have internet connection at the time, you can still submit within the following 24h.

Reward Issuance

Ceremony rewards, (AKA community issued income, CII) can be claimed for each performed meetup. The amount of CII is defined per community.

Your Encointer Wallet app will claim automatically as soon as possible, but you can trigger the process manually.

Immediate Claim

If all attendees are online and were able to submit their attestations, the rewards can be claimed immediately, under the condition that the majority of assignees has show up and has been attested.

Late Claim

Should the above not be the case, attendees have to await the beginning of the registering phase before claiming their CII.

Social Contract

It is up to every community to define what they understand as puntuality and as human.

Each community is just as strong as their social contract compliance. If you allow latecomers, you may risk to allow them to attend two different meetups and claim a community issued income twice. Same if you allow an attendee to bring and use two or more phones because their friend alledgedly is sick or otherwise incapable of attending. We suggest to apply rather stric rules as this strengthens the trust in your community by its members - and also by members of other communities globally.

The Encointer protocol has no notion of personhood itself. We expect communities to attribute personhood to all humans, irrespective of age, gender, race, citizenship, sexual identity and preferences, social status, criminal history or any other attributes of identity.