The Encointer Network is governed on multiple levels. The design paradigm is subsidiarity: issues should be dealt with at the most immediate (or local) level that is consistent with their resolution.

Global Protocol Scope

Encointer is a common-good parachain of the Kusama Network. The Kusama Network provides its security to Encointer, but requires that Encointer protocol updates are decided by KSM holders who granted the common-good slot in the first place and have to evaluate if the update is sound and still complies with common-good criteria.

Global Operative Scope

The Encointer protocol defines certain global parameters which are common to all communities. Changing such parameters requires a global decision

Local Community Scope

Each community can decide on parameters that only concern itself. Such parameters are demurrage, nominal income per ceremony and community metadata like Logo, Name


Encointer aims at democratic governance based on one-person-one-vote. However, democracy requires a representative number of users and communities to be meaningful and legitimate. Therefore, governance is delegated to a council until the community deems to be ready for democracy.

The council currently consists of 7 members of the Encointer Association. Each local community may elect a representative which shall join the council.

Powers of Council

The council currently governs the Global Operative Scope and the Local Community Scope. Through propsals, it can execute the following actions:

In the beginning, onboarding of new communites will be permissioned, subject to the council's approval. The team sees no other way to avoid bot communities squatting the earth's surface. Over time, a web-of-trust will build and new communities can be onboarded by endorsement of other communites.