Encointer maintains two testnets: Gesell and Cantillon.

The networks differ in their goals and designs:


Aimed at automated testing of the protocol.

  • Time-warping allows to script bot populations and hold ceremonies every 30min.
  • Complete transparency of all registries and balances. Everything happens on-chain.


The main purpose of Cantillon is to test our mobile phone app and privacy features. Aimed at experimenting with real ceremony meetups, physically meeting people. Bot communities can still be grown but we expect them to be loctated in off-shore locations in order not to interfere with physical communities.

  • Accelerated ceremony schedule to avoid long wait times. Ceremonies every three days.
  • Privacy enhancement through Trusted Execution environments (with enclaves still in development mode, so privacy is not guaranteed before we move to production mode)

Cantillon is planned to become a parachain to Kusama

Watch our demo video on bootstrapping a bot community

Outlook on Mainnet

The mainnet is planned to become a parachain of Polkadot. The security will depend on polkadot relay chain.

Time Warping for Testnets

In order to understand the different timing on our networks, we offer the following figure:

Phase Timing